CTI Sump to Pump intake suctions are set up to install and provide maximum cross section flow to mineral process pumps handling a full range of 3" to 1mm particle size.

The flow to pump intake is typically schedule 40 pipe with 1/2" tile liner with optional 1" liner in eccentric or concentric reducers.

We recommend blind flange arrangements over mechanical seal options at the sump entry point as being more cost effective and operational at 10+ years.

The CTI Pump to Pipe Adapter replaces rubber expansion pump to pipe connection. The ability to make 45 degree discharges angles directly off pumps pumping 3" sand laden slurry has been standard for years with no failures of pump heads or pump adapters.

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Unit of Measure



  • Coal Cyclone Pumps
  • Sand Pumps
  • Phosphate and Potash
  • Trace Metals to Cyclone Circuits
  • Scrubber Pumps

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Accurate Pump Set Up
  • Improved Pump Efficiency
  • Improved Pump Life
  • Minimize Pump Blow Outs at Expansion Joints


Industries Served

N/A Base Minerals Coal Coal Fired Gold Potash Power Plants Sand Wood Processing