The CTI SAM-1 Heavy Media Circuit brings all the latest ceramic elements together to present a much improved redesign that combines the best wear and separation technology to date. The recovery of magnetite and better classification on pre-feed to process screens represents a new benchmark in 24 x 7 process performance.

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Unit of Measure



  • Coal Heavy Media Circuits
  • Potash Heavy Media Circuits
  • Heavy Metals and Minerals Process

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Increased performance in process/TPH increase
  • Increased life of parts
  • Less maintenance/better utilization of maintenance man hours
  • Cut magnetite cost in half
  • Cleaner operation/no blowouts
  • Safer operations
  • Less operational process noise level (helps meet required safe decibel levels)
  • Improved process screen life
  • Less misplaced material - promoting more efficient quality
  • Reduces water required to run process
  • Lower moisture of plant reject to be compacted
  • Improves plant process control and efficiency
  • Much improved profit to bottom line


Industries Served

N/A Base Minerals Coal Coal Fired Gold Potash Power Plants Sand Wood Processing



US Patent No.

N/A 7,571,816 B2

Canada Patent No.

N/A 2 582 122

Australia Patent No.

N/A AU 2007201057 A1

Impact Box Elbow US Patent No.

N/A 4865353