• CTI Engineered Truss, Beam & Lag Brackets Assemblies

    As an alternative to expensive mortise and tenon joinery, CTI can supply bracket and lag plate assembly packages to securely bolt truss/column to beam connections together.

    Assembly packs can be plasma cut to meet your engineered plan. We can supply full bolt, lag and plate assemblies from 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" carbon steel, which is plasma cut to complete accurate connections.

    We finish metal in flat black. The metal to wood contrast looks great, cuts assembly time, and projects character of strength.

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  • CTI Miscellaneous Plate Drops

    During the manufacturing process, we inventory the drop plates which leaves us with several thousands of pounds of plate on hand. These plates are normally a 36 Carbon Steel Plate. We offer these to customers at reduced rates and can supply pallets to random or preferred say 12" x 12" for field repair situations.

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  • CTI Ceramic Tiles

    CTI Tile is a high performance, fine grain reaction bonded silicon infiltrated silicon carbide material. This premium silicon carbide material is engineered to resist oxidation and thermal shock while providing excellent structural support and wear resistance. CTI Tile provides a viable solution to many of heavy industries’ most difficult wear, corrosion, and oxidation applications compared to traditional silicon carbides and other ceramic materials, which provide inferior wear protection.

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  • CTI Adhesives

    Today's mineral processing and industrial production requires equipment and machinery to perform some of the most punishing tasks and operate in the harshest of environments. Our abrasion and impact resistant adhesives help protect surfaces against wear and deterioration. Whether to extend the service life or protect new surfaces, our line of proven products will provide the best performing epoxy products available today.

    Our adhesive is specifically formulated for the application of porous materials to clean substrates. Typical applications are for bonding clean metals to each other, or ceramic tile, concrete, castings, etc.

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  • CTI Brushable Ceramics

    CTI Brushable Ceramic is an alumina filled epoxy that provides a barrier against wear and abrasion. The Brushable's smooth protective surface can also be used against corrosion, erosion, and chemical wear.

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  • CTI Wear Compounds

    CTI Epoxy Wear Compounds have been developed to provide cost-effective solutions for numerous repair and maintenance applications.

    Our Epoxy Compounds offer proven maintenance solutions to the problems caused by wear, abrasion, chemical attack, erosion, vibration, corrosion, fatigue, and mechanical damage.

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  • CTI Silicones Sealant

    CTI offers premium caulks and silicones to guarantee your flanges, seals, and gaskets get a tight, waterproof seal. Our flexible, nonshrinking silicon is applied to all joint areas. This provides the perfect protection on areas exposed to heavy wear. Applying CTI Silicone to flange points before bolt-up guarantees a great seal.

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  • CTI Bolt Packs

    CTI offers bolt packages on newly fabricated equipment for ease of installation. Customer specified bolt packages are received at the time of shipment and include bolts, nuts, and washers. This one-step method allows customers to spend their valuable time on their day-today maintenance instead of worrying about lack of bolts at installation time.

    CTI offers a wide variety of bolts to suit every customer's specific needs.

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  • CTI Gaskets

    The CTI line of gaskets offers a variety of elastomers to excel in a wide range of services.

    CTI Gaskets offer an excellent seal to decrease the amount of water loss during the cleaning preparation processes, saving production costs. The special blend of Aramid fibers used in the gasket making allows CTI Gaskets to withstand temperatures from -100º F to 700º F.

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